The Balloon Crew – Sydney


Terms and Conditions


1. All prices shown are in AUS Dollars. Click here for currency conversion.

2. All prices include GST (10% goods and services tax).

3. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Diners, AMEX and Paypal.


To qualify for service, your order must include the minimum value worth of balloons ($60).  Delivery costs are not included in the minimum order spend. You can find out the delivery costs by entering the postcode in the “calculate shipping” field. Our current delivery area is within inner Sydney.

If you are placing an order for Local Collection from our Annandale store below this minumum spend, please contact us to manually process the order. Local collection is available during our opening hours.


1. To determine the first available delivery date please use the postal code search in the “calculate shipping costs” link of your shopping cart. Available dates of delivery vary for each suburb.  

2. Delivery will be on the date and window of time selected, unless no one is available to accept the order at the delivery address provided. 
i. If for reasons outside our control (eg government imposed lockdown, staff illness, localised flooding) we are unable to deliver on your selected date and time, we will contact you as soon as practicable. We may offer a full refund without penalties or cancellation fees to you, or an alternative time/location that is suitable to both parties.
ii. Any “Special Instructions” or requests will be noted but not guaranteed unless in writing by us. Special instructions regarding addition or extra products or specific times may have additional costs attached. We will advise you of any costs before proceeding.

3. Deliveries will be made anytime within the range of time selected when placing your order (ie selecting “9am-4pm” delivery can arrive anytime within this range).

i. If no one is available to accept delivery within the time range, the balloons will be left in a safe place (generally under cover and not immediately visible from the street) and we will notify you. You may indicate a “safe place” to leave in the special instructions at checkout. We take no reponsibility for the products once the balloons have been delivered.
ii. If there is no one to accept delivery and there is no where safe to leave the balloons, we will contact you for instructions. We will also attempt to contact any alternative onsite contact provided by you in the checkout process.
iii. If we are unable to successfully reach you and/or the onsite contact/recipient, and there is no safe place to leave the balloons. They will be returned to base and can either be collected from our Annandale store within business hours OR redelivered at an extra charge. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree to pay any additional retrieval or delivery fees associated.
iv. In circumstances out of our control (eg road closures, road accident, power outages) we will contact you as soon as possible to advise you of any potential delays.

4. Delivery to Businesses:

i. In some cases delivery will be made via reception, a loading dock, mail room or similar at the instruction of the company/building management. We take no responsibility after delivery is accepted by building staff. Any delays thereafter are the fault of the internal mail system.

ii. If a recipient or onsite contact is unavailable the balloons may be left with a colleague.

iii. For deliveries to venues such as hotels, restaurants, bars etc you will need to arrange access times with the venue prior to placing your order. A surcharge may apply for waiting time or re-delivery costs.

iv. If we, on arrival, find the business has closed, refunds are not available but redirect may be possible if within a reasonable distance (extra charges may apply).

5. Delivery to Hospitals:

i. We will contact the hospital prior to delivery to check the patient is still admitted. If the patient has been discharged we will contact you for further instructions.

ii. In instances, where Social Distancing or other restrictions apply, we may not be able to deliver to Hospitals. If this is the case, we will contact you to discuss alternative address or a refund. 

iii. If the patient is still admitted we will confirm the patient is permitted balloons. If balloons are not allowed we will contact you for further instruction.

iv. We takes no responsibility if a patient is discharged between the time of our enquiry and the arrival of your gift, or if we are supplied with misleading information by hospital staff. Please confirm the status of the recipient prior to placing your order. 

v. In the case that the recipient has been discharged prior to delivery of your gift we will contact you for instruction. Re-direction of your gift to an alternate address will incur additional delivery fees. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree to pay any additional delivery fees.

6. Delivery to Hotels:

i. Deliveries to hotel guests will be made care of the concierge, reception or front desk. We take no responsibility for the gift after delivery is accepted by hotel staff. Any delays thereafter are the responsibility of the hotel staff. It is best to contact the hotel in advance to ensure they are aware for a smooth delivery.

7. Delivery to Schools:

i. Deliveries to schools will be made via the main office or reception. We take no responsibility for the gift after delivery is accepted by school staff. Any delays thereafter are the responsibility of the school staff.

ii. Not all schools permit gift deliveries to students. Please check school policy before ordering.

Return courier and re-delivery will incur an additional delivery fee. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree to pay any additional delivery fees. 

8. We take no responsibility for your balloon order after it has been safely delivered. We will not refund, replace or exchange items that have been damaged due to lack of care or surrounding conditions.


1. We aim to keep stock availability of all our products up to date on our website. In the unusual event that a specific product is unavailable:

i. We may substitute a general occasion, licensed or unprinted foil or bubble balloon with a different design. The sentiment and/or character will not be substituted.

ii. If a suitable alternative is not available, we will contact you for instructions. If we are un-able to contact you we will use their best judgement to substitute the required balloon with the closest alternative. No refunds will be offered in this situation.

iii. We may substitute goodies such as wine, teddy bears and chocolates with a product of equal or greater value.

iv. As our supply chains have been effected by COVID19 delays in import in the current and ongoing future, we may need to substitute items. We will do our best to match the colour, sentiment and suitability of the recipient. We may not be able to call in every case to advise but will ensure the item is of same or greater value. 

2. Latex balloon colour themes and sentiments will not be substituted.

3. Foil ‘Megaloon’ super shape number balloons are available in silver, gold, blue, hot pink, rose gold and black as shown. In the unlikely occurrence your number choice is out of stock in the colour chosen we will contact you for your preferred replacement colour. If we are unable to reach you, to avoid delay or non-delivery we will make a call on the best substitute or invert colours to best suit your theme/recipient.

4. The vintage, finish and brand of all balloons, accessories and goodies may vary from that pictured. However all products supplied will be of equal or greater value and quality. 

5. If you wish to request a change to your order, this must be requested 24 hours prior to your delivery/collection date. Changes are subject to the availability of stock.


All cancellations must be made by at least 24 hours prior to delivery. Cancellations must be made by phone if less than 2 working days notice before delivery. Cancellations requested after this time may not qualify for a refund.

A cancellation fee of $5 or 2% of the order value will be applied (whichever is the greater value). You will be refunded via your method of payment. There can be delays of 1-4 days in this appearing in your statements but we will notify you once your refund has been processed. Our refund processing times are usually within 12 hours during our business hours.


Different conditions

It’s a tough world out there, if you’re a balloon. Sun, wind, rain, high altitudes, and grit are all formidable threats to a balloon’s welfare. For this reason, we are unable to guarantee standard float times under the following conditions:
– Balloons used outdoors.
– Balloons used indoors, exposed to direct sunlight through windows.
– Balloons used at elevations significantly higher than sea level.
– Balloons used in high humidity environments

A. Foil/bubble Balloons  
We guarantee our helium inflated foil and bubble balloons will remain full for 3 days in balloon friendly environments (indoors). They will continue to float for up to a week, sometimes longer. Helium is temperature sensitive so will expand in warmer condictions. If placed in warmer temperatures they may expand and pop. Please be aware cold air-conditioned air may cause foil balloons to shrivel, but they will return to a normal state when exposed to warmer air.

B. Latex balloons (un-treated)
Standard latex balloons float for 10-12 hours from the time they are inflated. Please bear this in mind and consider the “hi-float” option on your product selection.

C. Hi-Floated Latex Balloons
Where it has been selected in your order, we treat latex balloons with Ultra Hi-Float solution, a non-toxic liquid plastic which extends the balloons float time. When kept indoors, out of direct sunlight Balloons Online guarantees our hi-floated latex balloons will float for 2-4 days, but could last up to 10 days.

NB  i. Float times may be reduced by humidity, changes in environment and weather including elevations significantly above sea level, exposure to direct sunlight and cold air.

ii. Balloons placed in outdoor or other non balloon-friendly environments are not guaranteed for the same length of float time due to more wear and tear from exposure. Please take care to place your balloons within balloon friendly environments to allow the least wear and tear and more longevity.


We take great care when preparing all orders and pride ourselves on supply of high quality products and customer service. Every product leaves the store in perfect condition. As such:

1. We take no responsibility for your balloon order after it has been safely delivered. 

2. We will not refund, replace or exchange items that have been damaged due to lack of care or surrounding conditions after delivery.

3. In the very rare case of balloons/goodies being damaged in transit, we will replace the damaged product at our earliest opportunity. We may refund the cost of the damaged elements if a replacement is unavailable to be redelivered within a reasonable time.

4. We can not control environmental factors, including heat, during time in transit (up to 4 hours on average). This can have a detrimental effect on balloons, wine and chocolates and all gifts are sent at the risk of customer. We recommend you check the temperature forecast for the date of delivery, as temperatures in Australia can surpass 40*C (104*F) during summer.


1. Do not breathe helium from a balloon. Helium is not toxic nor flammable, but breathing it can result in asphyxiation (loss of consciousness due to insufficient oxygen).

2. Do not release mylar (foil) balloons outdoors. Power failures can result if these balloons become entangled in electric lines.

3. Popped latex balloons present a choking hazard for small children. Do not leave small children unaccompanied with latex balloons.

4. We are members of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance and advocate for the responsible use and disposal of balloons. We do not allow balloons for deliberate release. Pin it and Bin it.


Please take care when selecting the date of delivery for your balloon order and when reviewing the products you have chosen. We take no responsibility for incorrect product or delivery date selection. By ordering with us, you agree to all the above terms and conditions.