Double Digit Confetti Deluxe (90cm numbers)

Suitable for indoors.
Float time can be affected by hot and humid conditions

This huge helium balloon arrangement includes 2 x massive 90cm tall numbers.  Note this arrangement is one of our largest – you may want to consider the smaller option if size is an issue

Tall 2m
Tall 2.2m
Extra Tall 2.6m
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Suitable for indoor use only – not recommended for outdoor use.

This huge helium balloon arrangement includes

  • 2 x large 90cm tall number foils as a feature to celebrate a special event (eg 21st, 50th)
  • 2 x 16″ confetti balloons balloons with single tassel on each
  • 6 x standard latex balloons
  • 1 x balloon weight

This arrangement sits at approximately 2.2m tall and is set from a matching balloon weight.  Massive and sure to make an impression!



Indoor, Outdoor, Semi-sheltered

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