Balloon Latex Colours

Balloon Latex Colours

We use Qualatex premium latex balloons.  Below are the available colours in the 11″ / 28cm range.

3ft balloon colours come in a limited range – click here to see what is available.

For delectable custom coloured balloons, you can read more on our Colour Blending Blog. And more on our thoughts and some samples of popular Colour Combinations and trends for functions and events.  We also have some photos of colour samples mixes on our Pinterest Board.

Pearl Metallic / Chrome

Opaque balloons with a pearlescent finish

Crystal Jewel Tone
Semi-transparent balloons with a slight sparkle

Fashion Range
Opaque balloons with a slight sparkle

Semi-transparent balloons with a day-glo finish

Super Agate
Opaque balloons each with a unique marbelled finish

Opaque balloons with a matte finish

Need some inspiration?

Check out our Instagram for balloon decorating ideas

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