The Balloon Crew – Sydney


Balloon Colour Chart

Balloon Colours:

We use premium latex balloons manufactured from the highest quality natural latex.  Below are the available colours in the 11″ / 28cm range.

3ft balloon colours come in a limited range – click here to see what is available. For delectable custom coloured balloons, you can see more photo samples on our pinterest board.

Standard / Fashion

A matte finish, most popular colour range

Onyx Black
Fashion Grey
Standard White
Pastel Matte Yellow
Standard Yellow
Fashion Goldenrod
Standard Orange
Fashion Coral
Standard Red
Fashion Wildberry
Fashion Rose
Standard Light Pink
Pastel Matte Pink
Pastel Matte Lilac
Fashion Spring Lilac
Fashion Purple Violet
Fashion Navy Blue
Standard Dark Blue
Fashion Robins Egg Blue
Fashion Tropical Teal
Fashion Caribbean Blue
Standard light blue
Pastel Matte Blue
Fashion Lime Green
Pastel Matte Green
Standard Green
Fashion Spring Green
Tuftex Willow
White Sand
Fashion Blush
Fashion Mocha Brown
Fashion Chocolate Brown

Pearl Metallic

Opaque balloons with a pearlescent finish

Pearl White
Pearl Silver
Pearl Gold
Pearl Rose Gold
Pearl Pink
Pearl Magenta
Pearl Burgundy
Pearl Red
Pearl Orange
Pearl Yellow
Pearl Lemon Chiffon
Pearl Ivory
Pearl Lavender
Pearl Quartz Purple
Pearl Midnight Blue
Pearl Sapphire Blue
Pearl Azure Blue
Pearl Light Blue
Pearl Mint Green
Pearl Lime Green
Pearl Emerald Green

Chrome Latex

A sophisticated and elegant full bodied chromed / muted metallic colour range.

Chrome Silver
Chrome Gold
Chrome Rose Gold
Chrome Mauve
Chrome Purple
Chrome Blue
Chrome Green

Foil – Mirror Finish Orbz

Made from ‘microfoil’, these balloons are not latex and offer a clean reflective surface.

Foil - Mirror Gold
Foil - Mirror Silver
Foil - Mirror Rose Gold
Foil Black