The Balloon Crew provides quality silk screen printing for your very own custom printed balloons, perfect for in-store promotion, trade shows, fairs and personalised function decorating, we use only quality biodegradable latex balloons for our printing.

The Balloon Crew can print onto stretchy latex balloons in 11″,16″ and 3ft sizes. We can also offer vinyl printing onto longer lasting foil balloons 18″ & 36″ in size or 24″ Bubble balloons (see here)

Not Just Balloon Printing:

The Balloon Crew also offer a variety of balloon accessories and inflation options for your custom printed balloons. These include:

  • Air inflator sales – short term and long term hire also available
  • Balloon cups & sticks, or pre-cut ribbons
  • Complete decorating service to suit all needs – inflation, arrangement, delivery

Please contact us here for a quote on any of the above or view the information below to decide what method and accessories best suit your needs.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Our latex balloons ARE environmentally friendly. They bio-degrade as fast as an oak leaf.

  • Long Life

    When printed, your balloons will have a shelf life of around 2 years. Store in a cool dry place

  • Flexible colour

    The balloon colour can be changed during a print run as many times as you like

  • 4 colours

    We can print up to 4 ink colours. (Provided the ink colours do not touch, 5mm gap required)

  • Quality

    Our printing is quality silk screen printing.

Deadlines: A comfortable period of time for printing is 14 days. We pride ourselves in being able to accommodate your deadlines (charges may apply). deliver custom printed balloons Australia wide.

Artwork and Design:

Balloon printing is a form of screen printing. We stamp a thick rubber ink onto your latex balloon.

When fully inflated, the largest printable area on your balloons fits a 16cm x 16cm square. When designing your artwork, keep this in mind by trying to fill both width and height of your design as evenly as possible.

The best supplied artwork is in EPS or Illustrator format. We can however accept most other file formats. If you are providing a GIF, JPEG or TIFF – please make sure the file size is 16 x 16cm at 300DPI

Artwork can be submitted to

Size of Printable Area On Balloon

Inflation Options

When it comes to balloon inflation there are two options – helium inflation or air inflation. Factors that influence which is more suitable for your promotion include location, time frame, budget and staffing. There are also many Shopping and Convention Centres that don’t allow helium inflated balloons – please check first! Information for each are listed below:

  • Helium Inflated 11″ Latex Balloons float for 10 – 14 hours
  • Helium Inflated 16″ Latex Balloons float for approximately 24 hours
  • Helium Inflated 3ft Latex Balloons float for approximately 1 – 2 days.
  • All Latex Balloons can be treated with a silicone solution called ‘hi-float’ to extend their float time, 11″ latex balloons treated can float for 3 to 6 days
  • can inflate your custom printed balloons with helium and tie them to ribbons.

Printing with 2 / 3 / 4 Ink Colours?

Printing with more than 1 ink colour can look fantastic but is not suitable for all artworks. Our silk screen printing machine uses a separate screen for each ink colour, as the balloons are printed and each screen is impressed on the balloon there can be a degree of movement to the exact placement of each screen.

Need some inspiration?

Check out our Instagram for balloon decorating ideas

Got Questions?

Send us an email or check out our FAQ page here.

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