While you were sleeping

For all the lovers and romantics out there, it’s probably no surprise that there is only one month til Valentines Day.  While you have all been enjoying the holiday season, we’ve been hard at work sourcing the best new balloons, chocolates, wines and teddies (and fighting each other over who gets to do some pretty cool product testing haha!)



Valentines is our single biggest day with close to 500 balloon gifts going out across a single day!  And while some people can get by with last minute plans (*shock horror*) – it takes us 4-6 solid weeks to get prepared for this big day, before a mammoth 36 hours of ballooning from Feb 13th to make ensure the love vibes are shared with you all. We love this stuff and of course we love all you guys/gals out there 🙂




Check out the balloon range and our goodies and show your loved one how special they are <3