Balloon decor is like paint, the world our canvas

Organic garlands have become one of the most popular balloon decor and for a good reason. Completely customised, they are perfect for any occasion and can adapt and integrate to fit any space, colour scheme or event that you require. Check out our blog on organics here.

The beginning price for Organic Garlands starts at $90/linear metre. Other variables, such as texture and additional details (e.g confetti, orbz, fringing, honeycombs or florals) will affect this price.

Organic garlands come in 3 different textures:

  • Standard (a proportionate mix of 11″, 16″ and 3ft) – This is the classic texture for organic garlands. It has an even balance between detail and depth and is easily molded to follow any curve or movement that you desire.

  • Fluffy (Majority 16″ and 3fts) – This is recommended for larger scale organics, or for a bulkier look and feel. It looks amazing when arranged with props or furniture.

  • Detailed (5″ and 11″) – This is perfect for table runners and Organic hoop designs. Browse our Air filled arrangements for more ideas on table centres.

Before ordering, please make sure that there are rigging points in your desired area. This is incredibly important and will determine whether the garland can be rigged or needs to be self supporting.

Send us an email to start designing your garland! Please include information regarding:

  • Delivery date, time and location
  • Event start time and duration
  • Your contact details
  • On-site contact
  • Garland size, texture and colour scheme (if chosen)
  • Rigging points (if you have photos of the space please include these)

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