Balloon floor arrangements are a wonderful way to add colour and decoration to any function.

Standing from the ground up to 1.8m to 2.4m tall, these arrangements can be placed in corners of the room, against walls, either side of an entrance/stage/bar/cake table etc. They are a great way to draw the eye and fill a room, making more of an impact with fewer balloons.

The standard floor arrangements we offer are 7 and 9 Balloon floor arrangements. Floor arrangements often look and sit better when they are in groups of odd numbers, as we are able to layer the balloons as so. They stand approximately 2m tall and are set from a matching decorated weight. They are an extremely versatile, eye-catching and affordable way to bring colour and fun to your event!

Other ways to layer floor arrangements is staggered (pictured below) or chunky, with 3 balloons in each layer.

Choose from a variety of colours to create beautiful arrangements that add interest and style to a space. We also have a wide range of feature printed latex or foil balloons to customise these arrangements further if your event is themed or for a special occasion. With 1,000’s of foil/bubble balloons to choose from, The Balloon Crew can theme your next event with a featured foil floor arrangement. Browse through our selection of licensed and feature foils here!

Another great way to style a floor arrangement is by incorporating a variety of shapes and sizes. Including larger balloons such as 16″, 17″ and 3fts is a great way to bulk out the arrangement with fewer balloons and create something that is completely unique to your event!

Our 3ft balloons also look amazing as solo floor arrangements. They are the best size decorating option where an affordable price point meets impact. They can be helium inflated and float from the room, set from a weight as a free standing table/floor setting OR joined with other sized balloons to create an arrangement that will WOW your guests. Another way to vamp up a floor arrangement is by using Confetti, tulle and tassels! Our 3ft Confetti blast balloons look amazing as stand alone feature arrangements, and when paired with tulle and/or tassels they are mesmerizing to look at!

Helium topiary balls are a fun and whimsical choice that customers often get for Birthday parties! They are a simple yet effective way to fill a room and do a great job at creating a happy and playful atmosphere ! 

These unique helium inflated arrangements sit approximately 2m tall and are set from a matching decorated weight. Each strand is comprised of 4 helium balloons and lots of smaller 5″ balloons all at different sizes off fishing wire to magically float like bubbles.
Wonderful in bright colours or alternatively classic and elegant in Diamond Clear to appear like real bubbles! Works very well with other arrangements or mixed with half sized Bubble Strands for the table.

Mix it up by incorporating foil balloons into your floor arrangements to add a bit of shine and shimmer! Either combine it with other latex balloons, keep it solely foils or go big or go home with a huge 36″ foil circle, star or heart shape! 

If you’re wanting a little more shine then our 20″ orbs are a great way do so! Their mirror finish is stunning and really adds a touch of class to your arrangements!

Megaloons are a great way to get a message across! Sitting at 40″ tall, they are a simple yet classic way to style and decorate your space. Use the letters to spell out a name, brand or event title to really make an impact!

PLEASE TAKE NOTE.  There are many variables to take into account when planning for your balloons.

  • Some venues do not allow helium filled balloons. Please make sure to check with the venue before ordering.
  • Changes in temperature affect the size and clarity of helium balloons. If you move your balloons directly from a warm to cool/air conditioned area it may result in the balloons deflating. If you are planning on hosting your event in an outdoor space, the balloons will be likely to oxidise quicker or pop/deflate. As such, we recommend finding a spot in the shade or going for an Air filled arrangement instead!
  • If you purchase your balloons the day before your event, make sure to store your balloons in a room temperature area that is out of direct sunlight. Do not leave your balloons sitting in your car for long periods of time as this will likely result in popping/deflation. For more information on how to make your balloons last longer visit our FAQ page and read up on Balloon Shine and Hi-Float.
  • We DO NOT sell/supply loose helium balloons that will be used for balloon releases. For more information please visit http://www.peba.com.au/peba-blogs/sue-bowler-uk-blogs-why-we-should-ban-balloon-releases-re-balloon-releases/

If for any reason this product is not suitable for your space, there are other options available! Browse through our Air filled arrangements or Helium arrangements for alternatives.

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