Air filled arrangements are a great way to decorate an event without the need for helium. Because they are air filled they also last longer than helium filled arrangements.

Topiary balls are a great way to add colour to fixed structures such as stair cases, marquees, poles or boats with supplied ribbons or magnets.  They can easily be customised for your colour scheme or theme, and used indoors or outdoors.

Our animal buddies are a cute and playful addition to your party! Perfect for children’s birthdays or as a gift, they are sure to bring a smile to your face! Send someone special their very own animal buddy here!

Other air filled product that we offer can also range from Organic garlands to custom built sculptures.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE.  There are many variables to take into account when planning for your balloons.

  • Some venues do not allow helium filled balloons. Please make sure to check with the venue before ordering.
  • Changes in temperature affect the size and clarity of helium balloons. If you move your balloons directly from a warm to cool/air conditioned area it may result in the balloons deflating. If you are planning on hosting your event in an outdoor space, the balloons will be likely to oxidise quicker or pop/deflate. As such, we recommend finding a spot in the shade or going for an Air filled arrangement instead!
  • If you purchase your balloons the day before your event, make sure to store your balloons in a room temperature area that is out of direct sunlight. Do not leave your balloons sitting in your car for long periods of time as this will likely result in popping/deflation. For more information on how to make your balloons last longer visit our FAQ page and read up on Balloon Shine and Hi-Float.
  • We DO NOT sell/supply loose helium balloons that will be used for balloon releases. For more information please visit

If for any reason this product is not suitable for your space, there are other options available! Browse through our Air filled arrangements or Helium arrangements for alternatives.

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