Qualatex Chrome balloons have arrived!

The new Qualatex Chrome balloon is going to change the course of balloon decor. As soon as we heard the rumour about these balloons we couldn’t wait to get our hands on them!!! That day finally came last week! The new Qualatex Chrome range had arrived……. Bouncing up and down on the balls of our feet we (not so elegantly) ripped open the Qualatex box!

Great Gatsby inspired decor using Qualatex Chrome Balloons

Unlike the original latex balloons these new Qualatex Chrome balloons are one of a kind! With their reflective surface, bold colour range and smooth finish they are guaranteed to be the next big thing (in the balloon world of course).


There is nothing that these balloons don’t enhance. They are elegant, modern, fun and exactly what you need for the WOW factor at your next event!!! These balloons will defiantly be the first one’s floating off the shelves 🙂
Why not  give us a call on 1300 655 058 and we can help you create something tailored and unique and make your next event so shiny……..



For more information you can visit the Qualatex page on Chrome balloons

Melbourne cup decor

A vibrant bright matte finish colour pallet sets the trend for this years Melbourne cup decor. We just love the design of our bubbly organic garland with tassels and honeycomb accents.

Our in store designer Hanna has created some cute and simple table centerpieces this year. We would love to hear what you think.

Melbourne cup table setting

Inspired by Organics

One of the things I love about my job as a Balloonie is being able to create purposeful art.  The latest on-trend design element in our industry is Organic Balloon Design. This lovely art form has given my team the freedom to use shape, texture and movement as a medium to not just theme an event, but act as a social expression.

It can be quite a challenge to find the right balance with this Organic style. So often we are asked and trained for uniformity and strict forms, whereas Organics is so much more fluid.  I know a lot of Balloonies in the industry who can be daunted at first, but come to relish and embrace the freedoms it allows.  I for one am truly loving all the ways we can make a vision come to life, to suit the design brief, the clients vision and the venue!

It’s been so great to see all the balloon art out there filling Instagram and Pinterest feeds. From French artist Charles Petillion’s pulsating Covent Garden cloud installation to LA’s Geronimo Balloons amazing building-scaling constructions, to local Melbournites Belle Balloons vibrant garlands.  With these artists creating such awe-inspiring work it has given a great reference point for our clients to allow us to create art for their occasions.

Credit: Colossal 2015

Here’s a small selection of my favourite organic pieces my team has created recently.  From table runners, to gravity defying Cantilevered Arches, undulating Clouds imbued with soft lighting, hot air balloon sculptures, acres of clean white organic garlands with splashes of Gold confetti and Orbz spanning the entire length of a property.

Ahhh! I just can’t pick a favourite – every job has been so fun and challenging.  I especially love being able to incorporate new textures and mediums into our balloon designs – using florals, tassels, garlands, metallic Orbz, confetti, greenery, lighting, crepe fans and lanterns.  The inspiration just keeps flowing! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves and hope it brings a little smile, awe and inspiration to your day too!

Stunning organic balloon texture set within a custom made number 1 frame. Concept: Mary Ronis


Wedding in the clouds


Up up and away


Elegant balloon table runner

Happy New year everyone! Stunning 18 meters of organic mirror finish garland using qualatex foil balloons.

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Organic balloon walk through installation

Illuminated organic garland

If you love these designs and can see something that you want as part of your event, drop us an email to hi@balloons.net.au or give our friendly team a call on 1300 655 058 to discuss the details.  Or if you want some more eye candy have a look at our Instagram or Pinterest feeds to check out even more jaw dropping designs!