Beauty in a balloon Cherry Blossom

The tale of a beautiful balloon Cherry Blossom

We start with a long bush walk in search of some select clean hardwood branches. Watch out for spiders!!
Tip: If you are going to transport these through the middle section of your car, filling the boot, past the kids booster seats and into the personal space of your partners seat… best to ask if she is ok with this first.



To create the Cherry Blossom flowers we are using roughly 200 x Qualatex standard pale pink 5″ balloons, inflate these in pairs sizing the balloons between 2″ and 3″. Next inflate a single 5″ balloon to about 1″ and tie this off individually, twist this single balloon in half to create two bubbles and join these two bubbles around the knot of your 2″ to 3″ pair. Wrap this 4 bubble cluster around the tree stem such that you use the stretchy capacity of the neck from the two larger balloons of the 2″ to 3″ pair. Repeat repeat repeat 😛


And drum roll…..



We hope you enjoyed this visual walk through of our art. The team at are just bursting with creativity and love a challenge. For more information please contact us.

Design by Chris Adamo 2016