Custom Colour Blends

Have you ever looked at some amazing photos of balloon decor and thought the only way to get those exact colours was some heavy photoshop action? In the past this may have been the case but with our work the past few years, we have been custom blending colours to create the perfect tone.

Custom coloured reds and greens embellish this installation

Custom blend colours for this gorgeous wedding arch.

Rather than going offshore months in advance to try and organise a minimum run of hundreds of thousands to PMS match a colour, we are using two balloon colours to create just the right shade.  It is a bit of a science – not just the Red plus Yellow = Orange of primary school days!  You’d be amazed at how black or dark purple under a light colour creates such depth and a colour you never new existed.

It is a very time intensive task (and much harder on our hands!) so there is extra costs involved with this – but I think the one of a kind results are definitely worth it. See what you think – Some examples of our recent favourite colour blend combinations and jobs are below.  Grey/Granite/Slate is in my books the hottest trend of late 2017/early 2018!

Organic arch in burgundy and pinks using double stuffed custom colour mixes.

Just stunning custom colours set this organic installation.

Stunning custom colour mix in a ombre pattern.

Tones of greys (custom blend) and silver Orbz

Colour combinations of grey balloons

Burgundy tones

Soft pastel colours by blending balloons inside balloons

Qualatex Chrome balloons have arrived!

The new Qualatex Chrome balloon is going to change the course of balloon decor. As soon as we heard the rumour about these balloons we couldn’t wait to get our hands on them!!! That day finally came last week! The new Qualatex Chrome range had arrived……. Bouncing up and down on the balls of our feet we (not so elegantly) ripped open the Qualatex box!

Great Gatsby inspired decor using Qualatex Chrome Balloons

Unlike the original latex balloons these new Qualatex Chrome balloons are one of a kind! With their reflective surface, bold colour range and smooth finish they are guaranteed to be the next big thing (in the balloon world of course).


There is nothing that these balloons don’t enhance. They are elegant, modern, fun and exactly what you need for the WOW factor at your next event!!! These balloons will defiantly be the first one’s floating off the shelves 🙂
Why not  give us a call on 1300 655 058 and we can help you create something tailored and unique and make your next event so shiny……..



For more information you can visit the Qualatex page on Chrome balloons